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Vinyl Playing Recommendations

Evening All,


Right I am an ex DJ with quite a large record collection, I still buy records and have increased this recently with collecting lots of late 70's to mid 80's NY Disco and Funk. I also buy quite a bit of modern stuff as well.

My current set up is a technics 1210 through my pioneer djm600 - I am only listening to this through my mixer headphones. 


I previously had a small stereo as my amp and managed that with some shitty speakers, I want to change this and I have a few questions. 


Can I amp my speakers through my djm600 and then put the speakers through my monitor inputs, therefore having some monitor speakers going through my mixer and playing monitor speakers as my main set up. I dont think this will work as I dont think the monitors will be an appropriate amp ?

Therefore I have some limitations, my living room where I do most of my home listening would ideally have bookshelf speakers - therefore size has to be around a bookshelf kind of set up.

I can shell out about £200.00 maybe more but ideally I am not a soundphile so I can cope with some quality loss, perhaps a full set up for both amp/speakers or maybe just continue to use my djm600 and some good quality bookshelf speakers. 


Please help, a DJ who played records but did not have much clue about sound equipment is now finishing his blabbering post.