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Vinyl equipment advice

I'm look at equipment so that I can start playing vinyl again. I have two routes to choose from.

The first is buy all new equipment likely to be Pro ject debut carbon, wharfdale 10.1 and denon PMA520AE amp.

The alternative is the same turn table but with a pro ject (or similar) pre amp to go through my existing Onkyo surround sound amp (playing in stero only) and Kef iQ5's.

What are the thoughts on using a surround amp sound purely for streo music?

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RE: Vinyl equipment advice

Welcome mj.

Personally I'd always opt for a dedicated 'stereo' system, because its what I know and trust.

But with care and a very good AV unit, you might be OK with that route.  It's mainly a matter of finding suitable 'free' connections you can use just for your vinyl.  You'd need to keep your tunrtable well away from the TV and AV unit as they are very sensitive to hum pickup.    

Might be worth posting details of your Onkyo as an AV expert might happen by here!

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