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Upgrade time

I am looking at upgrading my TT, having aout £600 to play with.


Wondering whether to go for the RP3 (as can be seen from my signature I like the Rega sound) or, having seen this thread


http://www.whathifi.com/forum/turntables-and-lps/inspire-quest-rega-upgrade, whether an Inspire upgrade.


All thoughts are welcome.


As an aside does anyone know if the phono stage in my Arcam is sufficient or if I should be looking at a separate phono stage now?






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RE: Upgrade time

I do not think the move from Planar2 to 3 will give massive changes.

The Inspire upgrade is an idea as the company gets good reviews for this (and anything else it does for  that matter).

Your best means of upgrading I would say is to make sure TT is on a wall-mounter shelf and then get rid of that cartridge.

Upgrading the cartridge will give a more noticeable change than just about anything else.

The A80  phono stage is good for all moving magnet cartridges. I would not consider spending out on a phono amp unless you decide to go down the moving coil cartridge route.


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