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Subtle improvements cost nothing . . .

Things have becom a little hectic recently. What with home issues and computers going 'caput'! The hifi thing has been very much in the background, all listening has been via Spotify . . .

Withdrawal symptoms . . . :wall: I was having a tidy up the other night and came across a set of 'wooden inverted cones' I had fashoned a few weeks ago but never got round to trying . . . The dust has settled a bit, so, thought I'd treat myself to some vinyle. Very nice, so whilst at it, I took the trouble to install the 'new' set of 3 wood cones. They suport the brocken bell isolation board on which the TT sits, replacing the previous metal spike set.

Whilst I have not done extensive listening, there is a destinct inprovement in detail reteval, little bits in the background that one was not previously aware of. Considering I made them from disgarded and scrap items from the 'might be usefull one day bits box', a piece of 25mm thick mahogany cut into 30mm squares, drill and tap a centeral 6mm hole, screw in a dumpy speaker type spike and lock nut. The improvements are subtle . . . considering the minimum effort and zero cost, a worth while change.

The other advantage was being able to level the TT perfectly with a Mitchell round spirit level, it was fairly good befor but now the bubble is slap bang in the middle rather than 'that will have to do'!


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RE: Subtle improvements cost nothing . . .

Probably the best upgrade any TT can have is to get it level, good on yer, you cant beat the sound of valves, i had a croft micro pre amp, wonderful phono stage in that, big regret selling it.

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