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stanton T80


Hopefully someone can help me.

I have a stantonT80 turntable which I have been given which I want to play my father's old Jazz 78's that I have just inherited and other long lost albums etc. Can some one recommend a amp or may mini player which I can hook it up to so I can transfer on to my ipod/or computer and also play through amp/mini hifi to speakers (which I also need). I would also like to have a radio and/or cd player to hook up to everything but of course I don't have lots and lots of money. Would really appreciate any advice. Don't mind if I go for 2nd hand but need to know what I am looking for etc etc. Also I get very confused by what leads I need to have etc.

Ok every one will guess I am not an expert just want to hear all my old music again in the best possible way and thought there must be some people out there who can help me!

Thank you for any help 



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RE: stanton T80


I'm not clear from your post what other equipment you have, but you will need as a minimum;

a 78 rpm cartridge for the T80 (it needs to be a special 78 one)

an amplifier with a suitable ('Phono') input for the cartridge, either an integrated amp or a phono stage

a PC or Mac or other device which can record the files - this might include a smartphone or a 'mp3' type music player as long as it has the ability to record files

Please let us know what gear you already have and I'm sure you'll get loads of advice!

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RE: stanton T80

Hello Pethrick

Well I have nothing apart from the turntable, some old huge sony speaker which I think have blown, and a sony mini player of about 10 years old where the CD player has broken as it jumps all the time and I really only use the radio which ofcourse is not DAB.  I cannot connect the turntable to it as have no phone imput for a turntable. 

Have a computer and an Ipod so can down load music.

Does that help? I have been going around in circles with this and been to Richer sounds but really don't know if they are just trying to get me to buy something. Always sounds so complicated which I am sure it isn;t really

Thanks for any help you can give me.




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RE: stanton T80

I meant 'Phono' in put!!

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RE: stanton T80

I have downloaded the following from the manual.



This is the standard analog output (RCA jacks) which can be connected either to a phono or line input on any DJ

mixer, depending on the setting of the phono / line selector.

Note: Key Lock processing is only available when the LINE output is used


Note: Key Lock and Digital output processing is only available when the LINE output is used.


Use this output to connect your T.80 to any SPDIF in equipped digital device.

Note: This turntable has separate analog and digital circuits. If you are looking for a purely analog signal, use the

Phono output. For access to the Key Lock feature use the Line output or S/P DIF output.


It looks to me that you may need an amp with a phono stage included or an amp + external phono stage or DAC plus some speakers.

Is there a digital in line on your Sony?

Hopefully with the above info someone better qualified than me will sort you out.
Can he connect the SPDIF into a computer?


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RE: stanton T80

I hadn't realised the deck has a SPDIF out. So if the PC has a suitable input it would be possible to connect them together this way. If the PC doesn't though, I think I'd still advise a phono pre-amp, for instance this http://www.richersounds.com/product/phono-pre-amps/btech/bt26-pre-amp/b-te-bt26prea if funds are limited. And headphones or high-efficiency speakers to connect to the PC.

Of course it'll still be necessary to get a cartridge (and an extra headshell would be handy to leave it mounted on), unless a 78 stylus is available for the fitted cartridge - do you know which cartridge is fitted felicity?

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