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Setup Advice

Recently got back in to Viynal with the purchase of a Genie3 Quite a modest foray but enjoying the experience.


Does anyone have any advice on steps to setting up a turntable I'm talking weight adjustement alighnement etc, I followed the guide with the table and think im about right, just wondered if anyone had any tips of the trade.


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Re: Setup Advice

Make sure the cartridge is aligned with a commercial mirror-type tool - this can make a huge difference to the sound.

Also, make sure the arm tube is parallel with the record with playing - if not, adjust the Vertical Tracking Angle (see the TT manual).

Lastly, start off at the lower end of the tracking force recommended by the cartridge manufacturer, and work your way up slowly until the sound starts to get muddy. Go back 0.1g and that should be the perfect tracking force.

And lastly, make sure your records are clean - ths can make a big difference to the sound...

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Re: Setup Advice

Not sure if I'm allowed to post this (Mods, please delete if innappropriate).

We have just produced a guide to all things turntable which includes positioning and set up. The link is below but it does take you to the support section on our website. Hope it's OK.


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Here to help.

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