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Recommended ebay seller

I was on the look out for a stylus for my Ortofon VMS20 MKII and came across this seller;


Up on my enquiry about more details about the stylus he promptly replied that he wasn't sure but thought it was the version I was after. Rather than me ordering/paying and returning in case it was not satisfactory, he offered to send it without payment so I could try the stylus out.

I thought it was worth mentioning as an example of an exemplary ebay seller and the stylus sounds very good to boot. Not quite as good as the original .2 nude bonded one which I use and which has plenty of life left in it but I now have a replacement if needed. Highly recommended seller. I hope it is ok to mention this here. I have of course no affiliation with the above.


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RE: Recommended ebay seller

Excellent.  You can't beat that for service can you?  Good find.




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