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Rare/interesting records

I have an original album by Ray Charles: Greatest Hits from 1962 on 'His Masters Voice' (not HMV) label. It is the thickest record - post gramophone - I've ever come across.

Also, I have an album on the BP label. Can't remember the artist. Have to dig it out.

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RE: Rare/interesting records

I've a collection of my Dad's old 78s.....still deciding what to do with them. :?

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RE: Rare/interesting records

Rare: Yes by Pet Shop Boys (The Vinyl Factory edition). 

Interesting, depending how you look at these things, a cursory glance over to some recent plays:

Tragic Songs Of Life by The Louvin Brothers (1955)

Shakespeare's Twelfth Night - (4LPs on Argo label)

Time Fades Away - Neil Young

A Tribute To Woody Guthrie - Volumes 1&2 (1969). 

The Unique Thelonius - Thelonius Monk 



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