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Project Debut - help needed

...after a few too many years moving house a few too many times I've finally got my turntable out of storage. It's a roughtly ten year old Project Debut. This was my first "proper" turntable - don't really know that much about turntables in general - but I was thinking that I should probably replace the stylus as it was probably on the point of needing replaced when I stopped using it regularly. It's currently got an Ortofon cartridge and stylus (I think). Do I need to replace the cartridge or just the stylus? Can I just upgrade the stylus using the same cartridge? Am I making any sense? Smile Thanks in advance!

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RE: Project Debut - help needed

Have a chat with Henley Designs- the UK distributor -they will assist. I believe Ortofon do an exchange deal on older cartridges.

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RE: Project Debut - help needed

Some Ortofons can be upgraded by changing the sylus, as long as it is in the same range.  

The cartridge body never wears out, so if all you want is the cartridge as it was when new, then an original replacement stylus is all you need - and unless a very rare model (unlikely on a Pro-ject) it will be cheaper than the whole thing and easy to fit.

I agree with Ravey that the importers will help as they bring in the decks and the cartridges.

Hope you enjoy it again!

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