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Powered Speakers with Powered Amp

Afternoon all,

So I was just wondering if someone could help me out with a record player question. I was running a pair of KRKs through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 for my audio set up on my computer, however, I've recently upgraded my set up and wanted to use the KRKs for my record player. I've tried using a pre-amp to run the record player through the Saffire Pro but am only getting audio through one speaker. As a solution I thought I might get a full amp, ditch the Saffire and run the KRKs through the amp. Obviously the KRKs are phono jacked which posses a bit of a problem so I'm guessing Phono to RL? Also the fact that the powered speakers are running through a powered amp may cause a problem. Any solutions?

Thanks in advance!

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You can't run powered

You can't run powered speakers from an amp, only a pre-amp or direct from a source, the speakers already have amps in them.

Presumably you've wired the pre-amp up wrongly, or it's broken, you'd need to have another look at that.

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