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phono amp to match dynavector 17 d3

Hi all.

i recently purchased a townsend rock 2 with exalibur/dynavector 17d3. i am looking to purchase a phono stage to match the 17d3.

does anyone have this combo or have any recmomendations?

i will likely go 2nd hand as i will get more bang for my buck.



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RE: phono amp to match dynavector 17 d3

There seems to be a consensus that the best solution for a DV MC cart that wouldn't break the bank (too much) is Dynavector p75.

Less expansive options would be Heed Questar or one of the Lehmann Black Cubes.

Not many phonostages on the SH market unfortunately.

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RE: phono amp to match dynavector 17 d3

I think there are plenty of phonostages on the market. However, I ran the 17d2 for a while quite successfully with a and a Trichord Dino and then a Tom Evans Microgroove.

It would all depend on your budget as there are plenty of phonostages can be configured to run with a low output moving coil like yours.

I'd forget the Heed Questar as I believe the your cartridge would be outwith the range it caters for, though I may be wrong.

Nice turntable by the way, and very nice cartridge.


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