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Only one record . . .

Desert Island . . . only one disc . . . which would you choose from your collection?

For me, its a hard one????????? I would find it difficult to choose between 'Antiphon Blues', a record my late wife Kathy loved? . . . cant live in the past of 1995 . . . so it has to be the Robert Plant, Alison Krauss 'Raising Sand', beautifully engineered, laid back, and yet it as a power and presence imparted by the wonderful engineering of T Bone Burnett, I just hope the system that gets washed up on the island is up to it . . . :?

Also an item of luxury . . . an acoustic guitar, a how to book and an endless supply of strings . . .


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RE: Only one record . . .

For me it would have to be Wishbone Ash Argus.  Took my son to see them at the waterfront ( Norwich ) when he was about 15 about 7 years ago they sounded realy fantastic:rockout:

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RE: Only one record . . .

Early Water by Michael Hoenig and Manuel Gottsching . A single piece of music that lasts nearly 50 minutes that evolves and changes . I hadn't heard it for a few weeks and have listened to it three times since last night . It is one of those records that you can put on repeat and not get bored with . Well , that's what I think .

 Only problem is , that it is a CD only release .

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RE: Only one record . . .

Just one song: The Way That He Sings by My Morning Jacket


It floors me, surprises me, delights me, saddens me, inspires me - like crime in multi-story car parks- on every level, on every listen. 


Caveat: it's Saturday night, I'm drinking. 

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