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help - Turntable playing slow

So, i just pulled my turntable out from storage and hooked it up. Put some records on, and everything sounded great. However, within a few mins it began to spin slower (quite noticeably). A couple days later same exact thing. At first it's fine, but then it slows.Any thoughts on what this might be, or how to fix it? It's a Stanton T.51 model. It's 5 years old, but has literally only been played 10 times. It's been in storage for the last couple years, and I made sure to treat it with care, so as not to damage it. Everything else works great on it.thanks everyone

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RE: help - Turntable playing slow

Has it been stored somewhere where it gets cold eg loft or garage? The cold may caused the rubber in the belt to degrade.

It sounds to me like the belt needs replacing.

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