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Happy bunny . . .

A happy bunny again. Been really p****d off the past few days, had my central heating brought up to modern spec., a few months ago, then when we need it, ca-put!!! However, the plumber grasped the nettle and set too, every thing warm and cosy again.

While all this has been going in I've been researching, TT upgrades, as you do . . . MC cartridges, step-ups, the head has been spinning, literally on Friday, could not go to work! The TT/PSU went on the 'buzz', not been a good week.

So I had a little brain storm, ordered a sub-platter damping kit . . . why, my sceptics hat is tight down over my ears at the moment??? I've had enough of upgrades!!!

Removed the TT power supply, started playing with stylus pressure, got it very light, using the minutest of increments, I mean minute, bit aimless really if I'm honest. Then the postie delivered the damping kit this morning . . . got me out of bed, again!

Put it to one side, not busting to fit it, what can you get for £15 . . . ? and in any cast, I had the plumber coming. Forward to a couple of hours ago, listening to an LP or two . . . might as well try the damping kit. Consists of 12, 3mm thick triangles of a rubbery/damping type material that press firmly into the 12 webbed (orange like) sections of the sub-platter, adding considerably to its mass.

Expecting nothing worth writing about, initially there was nothing much, trade off's again. But something prompted me to increase the stylus down force back to 2gs . . . Bearing in mind, I'd lost the dedicated TT/PSU, had fitted a Rega white belt . . . listening was getting a bit bland?

As usual Jennifer Warnes, Bird on a Wire, and Famous Blue Rain Coat, as I say tiny increments back up on the tracking weight, a bit at a time to 2gs. A musical sound enveloped me like a warm overcoat, better? . . . no, simply more involving, musical, warm, a more real sound, not heard it on the Rega before, remember my wish for a pipe and slippers sound, this is the closest I've come, 'warm, no lose of detail, I love it, £15 for the damping kit, £21 for the white drive belt, and minus £150 on the TT/PSU. Life can be strange sometimes?

Talking of strange, researching MC cartridges, it was obvious I needed a step-up, but I was not sure where I was going, or even, if I was going??? The discovery of the old Glanz MC was obviously a driving factor. Two, three hundred quid at least for a step up? Then tonight some one put a pair of Ortofon 'T5 step-ups' . . . i remember these way back, better than they look, simply plugging in the phono plug on the end of the arm cable, £60.00 as a stop gap, try the Glanz . . . see where I might be heading, or not as the case might be.

Life takes some strange turns, especially in recent months . . . conclusion, dont give up.

. . . happy bunny, again . . . Dance 4 CJSF