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Connecting project2 Xperience turnable to pioneer VSA -AX10i

Now onto the technical
stuff my home cinema amplifier is the Pioneer
VSA AX10i which does have a dedicated phono stage input (used for the
B&O turntable) . However I was told that as the Project turnable is a
Moving coil cartridge (Orofon MC 25E) The phono input is not compatible
(voltage too low) and I need to buy a project phono stage then connect to
another spare analogue in such as tape deck etc.. I also need a cable up grade I
was advised by Project technical support,  

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RE: Connecting project2 Xperience turnable to pioneer VSA -AX10i


Hi Everbody Not too sure what happened to the first part of the message . The question is the same can anybody help please?


Saab :oops:

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RE: Connecting project2 Xperience turnable to pioneer VSA -AX10i

I presume the Pioneer has no phono in. If not then connect to a Aux or spare tape input using a Phono amp capable of handling a MC cartridge, this does not have to be a Project model.
A Cambridge Azur 640P may be suitable , do you have a budget and someone will probably post a few alternatives.

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