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Basic Cleaning


I want to know if you can buy bottles of
cleaning fluid, mainly just so I can wipe the records with the cleaning
fluid with a cloth, I just want to keep the cleaning method nice and
easy rather than go into buying cleaning machines etc. So I was
wondering where I can get bottles of cleaning fluid, cleaning cloths
and a brush.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Basic Cleaning

Lots of people make carbon fibre brushes for cleaning records (Pro-Ject for example).  They work fine for me.  Just looked at RS and they've got a carbon fibre brush for £3.99 click-click

Are your records really sticky, so they need full on cleaning?  If so, these guys (click-click) have a recipe for DIY cleaning fluid...

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Re: Basic Cleaning

I came across this website , www.audioworkshopnorwich.co.uk . Have a look at what Julian Musgrave says in Workshop Notes no.7 .

I have not tried it yet so can't comment , but will do so when I get some new inner sleeves . I shall try it on an LP that doesn't matter first .


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