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20%x5 = 110% . . . !

I thought senario of Cartridge re-tip, wooden recycled TT shelf had finished and we were moving on to a posible new arm???

Not a bit of it, the cartridge and system as a whole were doing their bit, I was happy for the time being . . .

A visit to the town this morning, I bought a set of spanners to put in my hifi draw, sometimes need a 10mm or 12mm spanner. The shelf has 3 inverted spikes suporting the Foundation broken bell Isolation Board, this is one of my originals from the 80's. I have neaver tightend up the locking screw on the spike, the thread was a snug fit, no liklyhood of them loosening. But I thought, do a job properly, 10mm spanner to hand, so a nip up then sit and listen to music . . . Dirol

. . . :O having gatherd my thoughts!!! the system had moved up to a whole new level; drive, detail, smooth control, image, natural and best of all a musicality that is beguiling, so easy on the ear . . . I have been listening all evening, record after record, it just gets better and better. All this from a basic system based on re used, recycled and budget componants, leading to the proposal; "the sum of the parts is greater than the whole?". All from the tightening of three nuts.

. . . and raises the question, the proposed new Audio Mods arm . . . will it undo the ballance that has curently been achived or is there more to come?

Normaly I'm fairly concervitive over these improvements . . . this one is better, its like the system has droped in to hyper-focus . . . ? Certaily makes me sit up inrespect of what the new stylus is capable of . . . :cheers: