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RE: Musical Decades - Order of preference?



1) 1960s - Best era for jazz, Dylan changed music forever, foundations laid for much of the great work in the....

2) 1970s - Rock grew up, Bowie, Velvet Underground

3) 1990s - Most underrated era (generally), British indie (away from the "Britpop" nonsense) hits form, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Manics (pre-fatness)

4) 1950s - Second-best era for jazz (Miles/Trane/Mingus establish themselves, Duke hits form at Newport)

5) 1980s - R.E.M. born, Nirvana etc

6) 2000s - Indie revival

7) 2010s - Pretty thin on the ground so far....

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RE: Musical Decades - Order of preference?

1990s grunge,industrial,stoner rock,goth,indi,heavy metal,thrash metal,death metal,blues,country rock, Back then some regular and new artist produced some realy awsome albums. Rember alco pops ecstasy acid tabs hazzy days.


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