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Vortexbox Service

Today I was rooting around the internet looking for possibilities regarding upgrading my server to a 4TB unit. I went onto the Vortexbox (VB) site, as a VB software user for the last 3 years, and had a browse. From this I posted a quick question to Vortexbox about updating my software. 

A little later I received a phone call from Martin at Vortexbox. Not only did he guide me through the details of whether or not it was worth updating my Vortexbox on my particular server, and then asking how I am using it currently, he discussed how I wanted to use it in the future vis a vis serving movies in my case. Rather excellent it must be said as the whole conversation pointed in me in another direction and is likely to save me money, time and effort.

Rather than going for a 4TB unit, I am now likely to opt for a second 2TB unit using this into the USB input of my Cyrus 8 DAC. This will allow me to keep all the FLAC on this new drive, with the mp3 and movies on the older drive. All of which is accessible over the network for admin and drop and drag etc.

I must say that I am sincerely grateful for the half an hour or so of advice and conversation that Martin gave, IMHO opinion it was superb, and I can't recall the last time somebody called me (without trying to sell me something that is) in a way that provided such a fruitful result. Highly recommended.