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United Utilities

I just wish to praise the way i've been treated by united utilities, on monday i had a phonecall from united utilities to say that they had done a meter reading & that it was a little high (5x), they asked if i was a single person living on my own & i said yes, they then replied saying enough water was used if five people lived at the property, they then said that they were going to send out an engineer to investigate the problem would i like morning or afternoon, i said i would like morning, they then said that they would send out an engineer tuesday morning between  8-10.

Tuesday morning an engineer turned up & located the meter (not sure where it is as it was moved into the street last summer), he asked me to put a tap on to make sure he had the right meter, then after i had switched the tap off he said the meter was still working & could he look at my toilet, the toilet was faulty & a constant very small amount of water was going into the tank & down the overflow, this could have been going on for several months.

Wednesday afternoon i called a plumber & he came around 18:30 in the evening & fixed the toilet he stayed about twenty minutes to about half an hour, parts & labour came to £65 total, toilet is now fixed.

Thursday today i got a bill from united utilities, they said on monday as a special one off they would adjust & lower my bill, £18 a month for 12 months which is what i've paid for the last twelve months. :bounce:  Result !!! I'm very happy & relieved.