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Richer Sounds Reigate go the extra mile.

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Richer Sounds in Reigate.

I bought their last Marantz CR 603 which was in perfect nick, still in it's packaging, all for 250 quid. Bargain.

However, on getting it home, everything was working well, networking, airplay etc. But the CD player wasn't working and making horrendous clicking noises.

So back to Richer. No problem, but they will have to repair it as they didn't have a replacement, so off to Marantz to fix it. Don't know how long it will take to fix, so in the mean time they give me a Yamaha unit to keep me company whilst the 603 is in hospital.

One and a half weeks later, marantz now back home and working perfectly! Dead chuffed!

Great bunch of guys. Very helpful and very knowledgable.



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Yup, they are helpful. We

Yup, they are helpful. We purchased our TV from there and were very forthcoming when it had a glitch.

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