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RE: Musicraft in Derby

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share my opinion about Musicraft in Derby. (thats my firts post on whathifi forum so plaese be forgiving if I wrote something wrong or jus too long  Wink )

I was looking for quite a long time for some good speaker replacement for my Yamaha  A-S500.

I had Monitor Audio BR2 before and thought those were a very good speakers with Denon DM38, with Yamaha they was a litllle titiring and I was keep finding myself to turn the volume down when listening my music longer. I started to read WHF forum and reviews and found  many different advices on which speakers are best for A-S500. I've narrowed my choice to two speakers: Monitor Audiio RX2 and Dynoaudio 2/7 (thats mostly becouse of Rick's opinion about them).

I've tried a few different speakers with A-S500 B&W 685 sounded nice, and finally I called Rick at Musicraft.

That was just the first phone call and I got all the informations I was after and a lot more. Rick got really big knowledge about what he is selling and about all hifi gear. I was surprised by the amount of professional information and advices he gave me. Surpriced even more when he was talking good and even advising me some gear he don't sell. Very uncommon. So far I've found that sellers usually advising you only things they actually selling. But it seams like Rick actually want to advice you simply the stuff that is best and works best together with what You already got or with what you are planning to buy Smile

Exactly tha same was with the Dynoaudio 2/7 and Yamaha A-S500 Smile


When I arrived to the shop Yamaha and Dynoaudio Speakers was already playing some music in the background. And I have to say that this combo sounded so good I could not believe it's actually the gear I'm going to have very soon. Smile

Rick's shop is a bit different than other shops I've been before It's very friendly, there is no rush, no pressure, only friendly advice - sometimes surprising, but waht's most important it seams that it's always spot on and working very well. Another good thing is that Rick have all the time in the world for you when you there so you can demo gear you are interested in as long as you like and Rick is always happy to answer to all your questions, and explain you everything if You only need that.

I demo the speakers in relaxing atmosphere. Compared Dynoaudio 2/7 with MA BX2 and MA RX1 (RX2 were out of stock). And I have to say that Rick's advice on 2/7's was spot on the sound form those speakers is just unbelievable. Another thing is that the source was put through incredible DAC (best sound I've heard so far) Chord QBD76.Yet even without this amazing dac, 2/7's are the best speakers I've heard on A-s500 better then the RX1 by a big margin and with clear but soft (not so metalic) trebles. Got them 3 moths now and Rick was right they willl never make you ears feel tired.

I could write a lot more but all I'm going to write now is that I can highly recommend Musicraft in Derby and Rick's advices and RRP ( Rick Recommended Price Wink )

PS. only one thing you need to be careful about. If You will hear QBD76 in action You will not be able to forget this powerfull and live like sound (no cmoparsion to any cheap dacs like new DAC magic plus - it's like hearing same track from your mobile phone speaker an then from your hifi) So hear it only if You can live with this amazing sound in your mind till the time when you will fianlly be able to buy it  - You have been warned Wink

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RE: Musicraft in Derby

Visited Rick's shop yesterday to audition the SCM 11. Just to add to the other posts about Rick and Musicraft. He is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The speakers sounded good too. Will take some beating!

Thanks Rick and I'm sure we will be back soon!  Smile

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Nice shop, nicer chap, and a

Nice shop, nicer chap, and a very nice amp. The personal service is extremely welcome, given I live as far from Derby as the moon I couldn't ask for more.

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I wonder who left those nasty

I wonder who left those nasty reviews on google about musiccraft?

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Hegel HD30

Hi all

Just thought I'd add my experience.

I've just purchased and received the new Hegel HD30, its a great piece of kit. Before I spoke to Rick I had already auditioned the H360 and was very impressed but found my current power Amp was worth keeping so I called Rick and asked his advice on mixing my current power Amp with a Hegel Pre amp. I was immediately happy when he said they have just released a Pre (digital) DAC with all gadgets on like the H360 so I went ahead and bought one. Had it for about 2 weeks now and it is getting better by the minute, you really can trust Rick for advice and anything really, he will also give you the best deal he physically can. I've also asked for some new power cables(standard ones) and hes sending me some for free.

Great Guy, Highly recommend.

Next purchase is H20 or P20, I will be contacting Rick again in the next few weeks.


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