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JS Audio Repairs - first class customer service

In an age where indifferent customer service is now the norm, it has been really refreshing to have been dealt with by someone who a) new his stuff and b) cared about doing a good job.

I picked up a lovely Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC on ebay last week, only to find that the co-axial input was faulty - arrgh!  Phoned MF - bit abrupt, not keen to chat or give any idea of cost of repair.  Spoke to John Sampson (ex-MF service engineer) who diagnosed the problem straight away (it's one of 2 common faults), gave me a clear estimate for the repair and sorted it in 48 hours.  He even arranged a drop off/collection point that was local to me, saving me from a 2 hour crawl along the M25.

His opinions on equipment modifications were also very interesting, but that's a thread for another day...

Unreservedly recommended!


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Re: JS Audio Repairs - first class customer service

nice very nice

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RE: JS Audio Repairs - first class customer service

anybody else have js audio experience ?

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RE: JS Audio Repairs - first class customer service


John Sampson is a genius and a gentleman.

I needed a new input selector knob on my MF Nuvista M3 amp and a new CD tray on my MF Nuvista 3D CD player, and decided to take the opportunity of having John make a few upgrades to both. A few years earlier, while an employee at MF, John had kindly built me a custom turntable line-level input board for the M3 amp (as standard, the amp came with a MM input), so I knew he was the man for the job. 

I dropped-off my beloved equipment and picked-up John's loan amp. He fitted bigger capacitors, better quality phono and speaker connector blocks, better quality umbilical cables etc.  "The way it should have been made" - his words - and he should know.  Not cheap but then quality never is.

I drove-over a week later, picked-up my kit, got home and gave everything a good burn-in.  Everything was great for a while but then a hissing sound appeared.  John suspected the Nuvista valves were on their way out and voluntered to drive from Croydon to Reading and replace them (he didn't think it fair that I drive all that way again).  No charge.

Fixed.  Perfect.  What a sound.  An improvement on the stock M3 and 3D would have been difficult but John achieved it. 

What a service.

Matthew Brown

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