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Spotify Remote Control

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but just seen this Remoteless app for iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad which lets you remotely control Spotify installed on your Mac / PC from the iDevice. Costs £1.99 and requires helper software installed on your Mac / PC.

I've not tried it as I don't have a need for it, but thought I'd let others know of its existence as I've seen this query come up a few times previously.


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RE: Spotify Remote Control

It was a bit prosaic last time I looked, and I could only get it to work on Windows, Mac needed faffage.  I find iPhone streaming to AX via airplay better (though quality's limited to 160k OTTOMH).

Now, where's Spotify for iPad, hm?  Hm?

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RE: Spotify Remote Control

John Duncan wrote:

Now, where's Spotify for iPad, hm?  Hm?

Quite so, JD, quite so. Should have been sorted by now |(

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RE: Spotify Remote Control

I found spotimote to very flaky with my Viao, sent it into some kind of fit. Shame, as using the phone to run the PC is great (Gizmo for J River is superb 99% of the time)

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RE: Spotify Remote Control

I've used Spot remote and remoteless (mac and windows respectively) and founf the former to be much better. Probably not worth paying for remoteless unless you're in dire need IMO. 


In regards to the iPad app, there was a third party app, tablified if I recall. Though it seems to have ceased to exist. As far as I knew spotify was open source, so who is responsible for it's removal I don't know . .

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RE: Spotify Remote Control

I have a Mac Mini (latest version) and controlling Spotify on an iPad via the Spotless remote works flawlessy for me.

It's not the best app in the world (it needs tweaking!) but it does work if you get my meaning!



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RE: Spotify Remote Control

Benedicte from Remoteless here!

It has been a side project for Anders (the dev and main man) for a while now, but he is commiting more time to the project and lots will happen to it going forward.

To start there is now an Android version, meaning both droid and iOS users can control Spotify with the same set up on the computer running Spotify. 

Larger redsign are on the planning board, so the next 4-5 month will be very exiting for Remoteless.

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