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Nexus7 output to TV via SlimPort

Unfortunately, my tv isn't very smart (or indeed clever), so if I want to do anything "streamy" it has to be either via my Samsung Freesat HDR or, more recently, via my Google Nexus7 (newer one).
The Samsung only does BBC iPlayer and YouTube, so I need to turn to the Nexus (connected using a SlimPort – what is it with techy stuff and irregular capitalisation mid-way throUgh a word?!).
Anyway, my problem is this – when I use the Nexus via the TV (both for streaming, and for watching previously downloaded films), the motion is shoddy – as if I'm missing a couple of frames a second. Dialogue sounds fine.

Is there some setting on the Nexus that needs adjusting? I only ask, as I was considering signing up for NetFlix or Amazon Prime's new streaming offer, and didn't want shell out if it doesn't work properly.