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Please forgive my ignorance but I'm just starting out here.  I seek advice.

I currently have a very good set of speakers, an old Arcam Alpha amplifier ( no digital inputs ), and a Sony 300 CD multichanger ( with about 100 active CDs ).  I hate the multichanger as its interface is clunky and irritating.  This is putting me off listening to music.

I want to make my CD music collection available via the existing speakers and probably amp.  I don't regard myself as an audiophile but would only consider ripping my CDs to a lossless format.  Being able to control the music from the sofa would be a bonus.

I am philosophically opposed to controlling forces like Apple, and much prefer the more open nature of Android/Linux.

I have a limited budget and am perfectly willing to start with a simple system that I can ditch in a year as technology gets cheaper.

If the solution involved a cheap Android tablet ( e.g. http://www.amazon.co.uk/NATPC-ULTIMATE-Capacitive-Android-tablet/dp/B007V5XL94/ref=pd_cp_computers_2 ) it would good as I would also get a new toy to play with.

I have confused myself thoroughly reading about Squeezeboxes, DACs, FLAC, Airplay, Sonos etc. etc. etc. so your  simple suggestion would be much appreciated.