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Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

Blackberry denies this:


I don't think Blackberry will survive in its current form.

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RE: Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

Agreed - we have a general offering for our customers at work now for replacing their BlackBerrys (i.e. the old popular ones) with new smart phones - that means iPhones or Android devices and the mobile device management software to go with it - the software is there and mature enough now to put in the proper controls for these devices to make them secure enough for corporate data.

I don't think we've seen any requests so far to update to new BlackBerrys.


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RE: Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

Yep, we use a mixture of I-phones and windows phones at work now. The only blackberry we have left is the "wooden spoon", kept in reserve and given to anyone who tries to get a new phone by claiming they damaged their existing one in a particularly stupid way ("I dropped it down the toilet", " I left it on the roof of my car and drove off" etc).

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RE: Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

Ha!, come work with me. The hospital I work for has just taken out a contract with a new provider (EE). Great I thought, finally a decent handset/smartphone so I have a useable device.

Err, no. Blackberry 8320 - it resembles the build quality of something I would give a child as a present and for want of a better word is complete cack!

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RE: Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

Totally agree that RIM are in trouble with more advanced smart phones like the over hyped Ithings, and the new HTC and Nexus offerings etc... but really only comes down to personal preferrence of which phone. We have an iphone 5 and Nexus 4 in the household but for business IMO it has to be the blackberry, answering around 80 e-mails etc a day you really need a physical keyboard, and it has a removable and longer lasting battery.

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RE: Blackberry Z10 - returns outstripping sales?

I've just heard on the news that blackberry are in trouble, is this the end.   :?

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