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BlackBerry Playbook

After reading the average reviews of this tablet I'd almost written this off as a cheap tablet for browsing, email, music etc. However after the recent price drops and OS upgrades I decided to give it another look. The bullet proof OS, multitasking, and speed appealed and since I am not an app junkie, the limited ecosystem didn't bother me too much. I am pleased to say that I am now a proud owner of one of these puppies. They are priced at £129 for 16GB and £149 for 32GB which is very good value for money. The user experience is very good and the apps, especially the browser, are very fast and slick. I've used Android and iPads before and the Playbook is just as easy to use as those platforms. Not had it long enough to report on any downsides yet (for my usage and needs) but I think this is a great little tablet.

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