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Apple at WWDC

I think this is the first time that an Apple announcement has not been discussed on the forum. 


Thoughts on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite?


A hilarious video of the event here:




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RE: Apple at WWDC

super great video - (tossers)

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RE: Apple at WWDC

Apples strength has always been its SDK for iOS, if developers stay happy iOS will stay healthy.

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RE: Apple at WWDC

Not liking the dumbed-down Yosemite icons, dock and interface, predictably adopted from iOS7 (and now 8 ). I must be one of the few who thought the skeuomorphism which Ives hates so much was one of the things that gave the GUI an air of sophistication compared to the basic 8-colour and 16-colour interfaces we started with on Windows 3.1 and Amiga Workbench some 25-30 years ago. Surprised to see all their developer deciples ooo'ing and ahh-ing at the new semi-transparent toolbars and windows headers. Presumably none of the 6000+ of them had ever seen a Windows PC running Vista or 7.

What I do like though is the closer iOS-OSX integration allowing me to properly make/receive calls and texts on my Mac to/from anyone, instead of only to/from other iOS users. I also had a look at the revised iOS SDK and I think that the additional flexibilities that allow third-party apps to integrate better with the OS yet share data both with each other and the OS look really exciting. Oh and the new Swift programming language is well-cool.

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