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RE: Apple New IPAD - 'Latest Reviews'

daveh75 wrote:

professorhat wrote:

But most people don't really care about the release of a new HTC phone 


Quite a few of the more popular tech/gadget sites have already reported on it/reviewed it.

Indeed. And I don't think most people read those sites. Whereas the likes of national newspapers reported on the new iPad / Apple TV release. Why? Because anything Apple makes at the moment is of mainstream interest. You could of course rightly argue that one drives the other and it becomes cyclical, but something Apple did a while back sparked the consumer (and thus media) hysteria that goes with all their launches. Ultimately, the media don't report something unless they're pretty sure people will be interested in it. You can bet that most tech companies would love to get the same mainstream attention, but they don't.

And thus, most people don't really care when HTC release a new phone. That's just the way it is I'm afraid (for the moment at least).


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RE: Apple New IPAD - 'Latest Reviews'


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