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DNLA compatable and sky GO

I bought my lad a PS4 the gaming side of things its fine , but we are still waiting for a firmware update re DNLA  and when will sky go be availiable to it , the PS3 was a better entertainment system not just a gaming unit .

Does anyone know when the updates are due to take place .

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RE: DNLA compatable and sky GO

There's no news at all on DLNA compatability I'm afraid. Sky Go may well end up there sometime assuming Microsoft haven't signed an exclusivity agreement again.

Sony took the decision to make the PS4 first and foremost a games machine - one that I'm personally very glad of. But the media functionailty will come - it took a while before you could do all the things you can do now on the PS3.


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DNLA compliance and SkyGo

DNLA compliance and SkyGo came in the latest software update (a month or two ago), interesting to see the age of this post!

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