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I updated my fat 40GB PS3's firmware last night, after which the console won't switch on.

I've tried all the different reboot options in safe mode, but the console consistently shuts down half way through. 

I'm now considering my options.

Buying another PS3, or even paying for repair, seems silly at this point, with the PS4 just around the corner.

I could sell the PS3 for spares on ebay, but I'm not sure this will be worthwhile. I'm also concerned about selling on anything with a hard drive (I guess I could remove the HDD, take a hammer to it, and sell the PS3 as faulty and missing hard drive. Again, I doubt this is worth the hassle for the money I'd get.)

Ceremonial burning may be an option, with Guy Fawkes Night ahead. I could sell on the games and accept that my PS3 gaming days are over. (I doubt I'll buy a PS4, since I really don't game that much anyway.)

I'm mildly annoyed, not least because I'm wondering if the update bricked the console. However, I got six year's use from the PS3 without problems, which is pretty good going.

Any advice or options I haven't considered?

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You've tried the recovery

You've tried the recovery procedure?


Failing that all you can do is phone the PS3 support line, and see what they suggest.
They used to do a courier replacement service, which would probably be your best bet if they still do it. A courier comes to collect your broken PS3 and drops off a replacement at the same time for a fee.

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RE: You've tried the recovery

Thanks AnotherJoe,

I've tried every recovery procedure, several times.

I think I'll call it a day with the PS3, especially since it will soon be replaced by the PS4. Paying for repair doesn't seem worthwhile; and buying a new PS3 would certainly be a false economy right now.

I've stuck my games on ebay and accepted that I won't be gaming for at least the forseeable future; not that I spent much time gaming anyway.

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