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Wireless N house coverage?

I've just got my first Wireless N dual band router.

I have my iPhone on the 5ghz band at home, and am surprised to find that the wireless coverage is not significantly better around the house than with my old Dlink wireless G unit from 8 years ago.

I get 1 of 3 bars on the wireless upstairs, and at the back of the house, and apps like TuneIn have to buffer a lot when streaming radio.

It's got me a bit worried because I was hoping to develop Airplay units in various spots around the house, but I'm now not sure my wireless network could deliver lossless in this way.

It's not a palace, I live in a Victorian terrace, so I'm a little surprised the wireless isn't a little stronger with the new router.

Would people say this is typical, or are there things I should look at?

Do people find Wireless N is enough to deliver Airplay around the house?


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RE: Wireless N house coverage?

If your main concern is range then you should be using 2.4Ghz not 5Ghz.

The higher the frequency of a wireless signal the shorter the range.


5Ghz is only worthwhile if you have a lot of interference.

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