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Steve Ballmer to Retire

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer is to retire from the technology giant within the next 12 months... Well that's a turn up, seeing as Windows 8 as had lukewarm success and Windows Phone has had a slow turnover. And not forgetting the new Xbox One has had more U-Turns than a government advisor. It looks like he may have been pushed out rather than him going on his own accord. I also find it startling that he should announce his retirement without already having someone else in place. Looks like it is a trip down to the graveyard to resurrect Steve Jobs.

I wonder what his final farewell party banners will say:


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RE: Steve Ballmer to Retire

Yes, I was reading about it yesterday. He is a very weird man. Hopefully Bill Gates will be back. Smile

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RE: Steve Ballmer to Retire

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