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New rig completed!

The new monster is finished!  :grin:

Dubbed EvilEdna3, she comprises thusly:

i7 4770K, Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H motherboard, 16GB G-Skill Ripjaws-X RAM, 128GB Samsung 840EVO SSD, two 1TB Samsung HDDs for storage, Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X GPU, in an Antec 1100 case, with fans in every orifice. 24" DGM IPS monitor. Running Windows 8.1 on a 50Meg Virgin connection.

Audio is taken care of by the PC's onboard optical output, to an Audio Alchemy DDEv1 DAC, Rotel RA02 amp and Mission 780 (old style) speakers. Which stand on housebricks, on my desk...

I thought I'd uploaded photos to Photobucket, but apparently not. I have to leave for work now, so pics to follow later!  :doh:


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RE: New rig completed!

Very nice mate.

What is it used for mainly? Would I be right in assuming that it's not just games based on that processor/RAM?

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RE: New rig completed!

The SSD will make it fly but why so many fans?

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