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Monitor WS 100 vs Arcam Rcube

Any thoughts on the above options ? Reviews of both are good

Budget £250-300 but happy to spend less

Looking for wireless speakers to play 95% classical music from my laptop using itunes mp4s ripped at itunes plus (256kb) in my teaching room.

Currently using a pair of £30 speakers

Don't want bluetooth as I could never make it work with my previous phone.

In the shop Strauss Don Juan sounded good on the Monitor WS 100s, the messiaen joie du sang des etoiles a little tinny

was only able to hear take 5 on the rcube. I know the rcube is not stereo but the shop said it was better 

would I be wasting money playing 256kb mp4s through these speakers? I can't bear to rip all my CDs again at a higher quality

I have the option of taking laptop to the shop for a longer trial

Sonos 3 seemed quite complicated - is it itunes compatible? and BW zeppelin is beyond budget and I've not been convinced by the sound thought I haven't heard classical music on it.