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I have an old desktop.. how do i back up itunes music some documents and photos??

hi    i have some things i would like to transfer from my old apple desktop to my new mac book pro, i have not bought the mac book pro yet however i am looking to find out how i would back up my itunes library and have some documents and photos transferred over to view and keep on my new mac pro. this is the first time i have changed my home set up and i need some advice on where to start with this as i simply don't have a clue what to do. thanks

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You can simply use file

You can simply use file migration.

...and for a bootable backup drive, you can use SuperDuper with an external USB drive.

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Time Machine backup

I used Time Machine to make a backup of my old MacBook to an external hard drive. When I got my new Mac Mini I simply ran Migration Assistant on my new Mac and it copied all my settings, applications and documents to the Mini.

I have our iTunes library on an external hard drive so I didn't have to copy iTunes.

If your old Mac has firewire, you could get the Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter, connect both Macs through a firewire cable and start up the old Mac in target disc mode (by holding the T during startup). The new Mac will see the old Mac as a hard drive.

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