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shadows sliding acr

shadows sliding across the wall.
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Plus, whether they represent the NBA, for a reprieve from chauffeur duty. that our great work crew, Tired of "Ol Man Winter"?? Now is the perfect time to "Come On Down"! The Coast Dodges the Big One and now is kicking back Catching 10000 fish by Hand Only Here "Gone in 16 Minutes"-- Our Census Story We finish up a nice visit with old friends at the Casa Blanca Thanksgiving Fun at the Coast The 2010 National Census Shortens our Friend's Visit by a Day--darn Plus here is a copy of the Questionnaire We make a fun trip to Puerto Lopez We begin our 43rd anniversary celebration by picking up friends of 41 years at Guayaquil AP The Suite on the Beach comes in on Time and on Budget Sweet Progress on the "Suite on the Beach" We Load the Car UP ( Down) with Goodies for the Kid's Christmas Party The California Kitchen Hits a Home Run--Again! A Little party and Rich and Nancy's We Drive to Cuenca for More Goodies for the Kid's Christmas Party We buy end tables for reading and are reminded of Kid's Party More tile down more trim painted The New Suite gets DirecTV and the floor tile starts We spend Sunday painting the Suite--first coats anyway Rox makes curtains for the Suite and the Guys continue on We almost bust the budget--but we do bust the truck Sweet Suite ON the beach Other fun things going on at the Beach Some of the stuff we do at the beach More Pics and Comments about our first Three Years Trouble in Paradise Not so Much Rich and Nancy--Attentive Hosts Good Fun Informative Talk and all this as relatives The California Kitchen gets an A+ in our book! Kids from the US band together to make a bigger smile for the Kid's Christmas Party Thanks a bunch Jace Zack Hillary Vivian and Jacob Barbara and Howard join us for Beef Stroganoff Chuck and Nancy as the Gracious Hosts The Kid's Christmas Party Needs You! Happy Hour with a pod of whales Sometimes a billboard hits you "just right"--here's one Coquita turns Two Today! Google "Talk" arrives on our Desktop The sun is hiding and the waves are huge--but pretty Who says a twist of fate can't be a good one? Montanita--Number One Tourist Attraction in Ecuador We have no Vampire Bats but thanks for asking Our Cuenca Apartment is Available Earthquake with our Coffee--whales jumping too Off Season in Montanita--Not Hardly A Special Brother gets to eat Ice Cream and Cake Hokey is Okay for the happy folks in Puerto Lopez Beautiful Sunsets Tons of Fish Lots of Tourists--People are Happy at the Coast Roxanne walks with the dolphins (sorta) Two Dozen Dolphins join us for coffee Serrated Ridges Ice Blue Sky Fluffy Llamas--a perfect day to commute through the Caja National Forest The Kid's Christmas Party gets a Mega-Boost in July! The Birds and the Bees are alive and well for Ecuadorean Second Graders When the water is warmer than the air In the middle of our "Winter" we get a glorious "Summer" morning A reunion with our first Spanish "Profesora" Adventures in reading a third grade textbook We have a prehistoric visitor join us for lunch Humpback Whales pay us a visit Our "winter" arrives in a comfortable fashion A Friendly Helpful Bureaucracy--An Oxymoron--No No No--not in Santa Elena the Coastal Capitol Bugs at the Coast We have some The Casa Blanca--Where "Everybody Knows our Name" Ahoy! We spot a three masted sailing ship crossing in front of us! A "Fall" Sunset at the Beach "Home Home on the BEACH" Another Project checks in "on time" but "off color" Projects here in Ecuador come in "Right on Time!" Enjoying our Apartment in Cuenca--a little work a lotta fun El Terace for Rox's Birthday was so much fun we did it again! We spend Rox's birthday quietly in our favorite Cuenca Restaurant Agripina has a birthday the floors are done and the place is finally dusted off Kitchen is Finished! Yeah! Our new Kitchen made to order in the backyard Kitchen coming along Cooking Dinner in the Office Banging Grinding Choking Cement Dust Announce the beginning of a new Kitchen at the Coast Leaving Cuenca thru the Majestic Cajas the green green jungle to the Sunsets at the Coast An MRI as opposed to a Cat Scan Buying a hearing aid sight-unseen--really smart or really dumb Practicing Medicine without a license--Cuenca style Coquita predicts a Cuenca earthquake A few suggestions for frustrated new arrivals--Cuenca especially A Warm Welcome to all of you New Readers! A Sharp Reader asks "Did Fredi and Coquita get along You didn't mention them" A Nice Visit--Too Soon Over Shelley Sam check out "stuff" for sale in Montanita--and see surf spot Brian Sam Rox Surf the Big Ones--Shelley is Ace Photog! Brian Shelley Fredi and Daughter Sam all arrive for fun in the Sun! Carnival's Over--We get more giant boulders! Big Waves High Tides come and go--we're still standing--yowie! Schmoozing with some nice folks Feb 14--High Tides-Yes High Waves-Yes Diabolical Collusion-No El Nino Waves and a 5 Day Holiday! What more could the Coast hope for We are rolling in Boulders--Yeah! Pretty Huge Boulders are Pretty Pretty Pretty! The Cavalry has Arrived! We Think! Thanks Friends Your concern and well wishes make us feel Great! We are Pretty Much Fine Right Now "Everyone Knows Our Name" or the Power of Television! We're on TV The Papers Love Us! El Nino is kicking us around big time El Nino deals our fence a mortal blow Hanging around with the Surf Crowd Surf's Up Just in time for the Reef Classic Surf Competition! Paid $300 to give 50 Baby Sea Turtles a chance at life Million Dollar Mammogram Bus Ecuador Real Estate--some observations Mother Nature El Nino and a "Lunar Event" blow a fast ball by us! And a Happy MMX to all of you too! Being 12 years old and not a kid anymore Burn Burn Burn your Troubles Away! A Birthday sandwiched between two parties The Kid's Christmas Party couldn't have been better! Loading Baggies--Yo Ho--Hee Ho! A couple of "Aw Shucks" Christmas Tales Christmas Party Countdown Haircuts and Beer by the Sea Trading Modern Medicine for Ancient Cures MAP--Tourist Map of Ecuador Baby Sea Turtles Underfoot A Quiet Thanksgiving at the Beach Dolphins visit us Banos--up and around More Banos fun Spending our 42nd in Banos Ecuador We visit the US Embassy in Guayaquil I get my New Driver's License--finally Isidro has a birthday A Spring Sunset (for us) Some random thoughts about Montanita and Four day holidays A glorious drive over the Andes Saved an Iguana today Animal Crackers for Christmas--You Bet! Getting a tight fit for Santa's elves "Futbol Fever" at the Casa Blanca "Edgy" artwork in Montanita--Some new Some gone We became "Ex-Pats" two years ago today--what a ride I Pass Driver's School Exams In Spanish A Short and Sweet visit to Cuenca Christmas Shopping in September--Just trying to get a jump on our Christmas Party for the kids A Sunday Outing to Paute--nice and busy town east of Cuenca Flat Tire in the Andes! No Worries No Sweat! A Side Trip to Cuenca Montanita Hotel Artist Finally Surfaces Church on a Stick We've got wheels! IT'S OFFICIAL! ECUADOR IS NOW THE NUMBER ONE PLACE TO LIVE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! (if you are retired that is) Miss Ecuador Universe surely wears a knock out gown! A little bit of the beach lights up memories in DC Fun and Food around the Coast Continental Breakfast from a 100 year old bakery right next door More fun at the Beach Rolanda excels at Surfing 101 Making our own "Kick-a-poo Joy Juice" Having fun with our brothers and their fun families Another New Iguana a Pretty Nifty Sunset More Edgy Art ala "Jerry Lee Lewis" Tattoos and Breakfast at the Casa Blanca More fun as Rich's Birthday Celebration continues on and on and Rich turns 68 surfs the waves munches at the Casa Blanca Hangs out with naked girls--and that's just this morning! Some Mondays start out just fine Our Beach is Returning! This will be an "El Nino" year Give me that Ol' Time Rock and Roll! Sandcastles in Ecuador You bet A Tourist Map of Ecuador for you folks who are still dreaming the dream A Nice Visit with a Couple from Houston Joined Facebook today--What a Rush! Naked Edgy Artwork Endangered in Montanita! Making your own roofs for Fourteen restaurants Riding Naked on the Beach A few photos and a couple of comments We have a warship stuck in our backyard! How about a good laugh Father's Day and World Cup Fever Picked up a Friend as we Coasted to the Coast Hitting some tourist spots outside of Cuenca What it means to have an "Economic Street Fighter" as President A Quick Trip to Cuenca An Artist Riding a 40 Ton Brush The Fish are "Jumpin' in the Boats!" Manglaralto (where we live) is 149 years old! Meet Alfonso "Our Socialist" from a couple of entries back Just 'cause it's thatched--don't mean it's hokey Catching up at the Coast A little "Socialism" goes a long way--A true story of one Family The Milky Way is not just a candy bar Grace and Nelson--The legal team just right for Ex-Pats We are helping Rox celebrate a really really big One A Feel-Good Trip from the Coast to Cuenca The "Iguana" days of "Rainy Season" Taking our dolls for a dip in the Sea The life as a Beach Boy agrees with Greg Agripina comes over for a few Birthday Goodies Barack and Bo BOquita and Bob A Canadian Friend of Canadian Friends An Easter Surprise An Easter Colored Project Just in time for Easter Fall is in the Air at the Equator Welcome Google Imagers The Birds are Singing and Yo estoy contento! (i am happy) "You don't know what You've got 'till it's Gone" Are we making Lemonade yet Moondoggie Returns! Coastin' down 11000 feet to the Beach A Little Good News about a Good News Guy The Eucalyptus Cafe on Friday Night It's a Really Hot Day---Let's buy a Panama Hat! A Little "Heads-Up" that is important to everyone Just because I can A Walk Thru Cuenca's Huge Indigenous Market Gringo Night with Rich and Nancy Rich and Nancy Arrive in Cuenca! Substantial good deals and discount rates might be availed caused by recurrent up gradation of the discount coupons on the net. though with 2011 appear that slouchy hobo, if you are looking for discounted items so you have to bare in mind that you may get these kind of handbags. It is also one of the pricey brands among other top brands. made from intertwining gold-tone and silver-tone links.
gold-tone stainless steel case.