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Playing video and audio from hard drives to RCA


Could you suggest the best (say within $100 or so) way to connect an external hard drive with audio and video files to an amplifier (RCA jacks)?

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RE: Playing video and audio from hard drives to RCA

Essentially you need a media playback device which can access the hard drive and has the correct connections to output audio and video to those connections. Assuming this is a USB hard disk, something you probably already own which will do this is a computer - you would just need to buy the necessary output cables e.g. a 3.5mm headphone connection to the RCA phono on your ampilfier cable would do this.

It would help to know a bit more of your setup and your requirements e.g. you say you want to output video, but don't mention anything - is this to a TV and sound setup in your living room, or is this a completely different setup? What amplifier do you have and do you have any other equipment already in place? It will be easier to advise once we have a fuller picture.


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Playing video and audio from hard drives to RCA

I got something similar to the above question. I am trying to find a media streaming solution in my van. I got a van with rear entertainment system, the input is from a front DVD player, AND an AUX input in the rear which takes RCA input.

So ideally I like to connect my HDD to a device whose ouput is RCA. I should be able to select the folder and file using a remote/directly on the device.

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