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new system purchase with nas ability, 2 options

hi all first post

 ive been looking at buying a new all in one system for my kitchen, it needs to be very discreet and and do everything in one box, sound quality does not need to be class leading. i also want it to be able to hook up to my tablet, phone etc.  

after a little searching around i have decided to go either for the sony cmt bt60 (£190) or the sony cmt bt80(£260),   they both do bluetooth nfc, airplay, play cds, dab radio. the only difference btween the two is the more expensive model has wi fi built in

now in the future i plan on possibly getting a nas drive,although i am fairly noob to this. i believe i can hook this up to my network then whenever i d/l albums i can have them auto saved to nas drive and access them from the nas to play on my system without turning on my computer.  

this sounds good, would my system need to have wi-fi to do this?  and is the NAS thing as simple as im detailing here???

both systems come with usb slots so its not a massive issue to me to transfer music to large memory sticks on play them by plugging them in. im just trying to see if its worth paying the extra £70 odd for the wi-fi version??

thanks in advance guys!