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My current Buffalo NAS drive is powering
out and only lasts for 20 minutes at a time i am looking to replace this and set
up for saturday i currently run a wired network via a BT
home hub 2 ihave a sonos play 3 sonos zp90 dell laptop running windows 7 and sony bravia tv that
can all access my network i use itunes on my laptop but have the music files copied
on my nas in a sonos folder i would like to stream movies from the nas to the tv ps3
in the future i dont think i want to run the nas as a total back up of
my pc just to hold media to stream and possibly access remotely- i have a second
buffalo hard drive that i back up to on a monthly basis and am considering
seperate remote cloud back up for my pc the Synology DS212j 2-bay (no disks) NAS Enclosure has got
decent reviews from the what hifi website. Is it compatible with my system and is it easy to set up
with one drive and add a second later or
as i am considering cloud back up for my pc and am only looking to put media to
stream on the nas am i better considering a cheaper single disk NAS
option? kind regards Graeme Lusk
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RE: Help!!!

1) Yes, the Synology is compatible with your system & is an excellent option.

2) Yes, you can start with just 1 hard drive & add another later.

3) A 2-bay NAS is a better investment. You can either use the 2nd hard drive as a JBOD and back up data from the 1st disc, or use RAID 1 or Synology's hybrid RAID option.

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