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dlna panasonic blue ray



im pretty new to networking, but a have just set up a home network. it comprises of my laptop, router and panasonic blueray. my laptop is vista based and i get all my photo's and music through the DLNA using wmp 11. ok, now for films... well i have downloaded divx and if i put a dvd in my laptop click stream usind DLNA on divx i can view it on my tv, so that works. now for my problem, if i convert the film to divx and store on my laptop i can watch on my laptop but when i click stream, i can see it on my tv but when i click play a message reads cannot play file. the panasonic playsDIVXHD so why wont it read it. if i copy the divx file from laptop to memory stick, and pop it in my panasonic it plays, so is it not file format. im really confused and ive been up till gone midnight all week trying to work out and now im about to start throwing things at the walls,, please help???????????



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RE: dlna panasonic blue ray

been having very simular issues myself , try and update the PC codecs its worked for me with a  few files ive also got a panny , good luck with it.

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RE: dlna panasonic blue ray

Some players will only playback certain formats through USB and won't stream them - no idea why, it's just something I've noticed. Have a look through your manual and see if it differentiates between what it play locally on USB and what it will stream.


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