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Can you stream using the new Sky Hub?

With my current set up I have all my CD's ripped to my PC and linked to Windows Media Player. This means I can listen to them on my sound system in another room by DLNA streaming to my Onkyo NR616 connected by ehternet cable to my home network. This is currently facilitated by my my SKY Netgear DG934G router. Everything works fine!

Now to the bit that doesn't work!  In anticipation of getting fibre broadband I've obtained the new SKY Hub (SR102). I plug that in instead of the netgear router - my Onkyo can see the Hub and connect to the internet ok but the DLNA streaming no longer works, it doesn't even recognise any of the music folders on my PC. Sky says it should work and that it must be my PC settings but can help!!

As I haven't changed anything else can anyone tell me whats likely to be wrong please? Does anyone know if the Hub is meant to be capable of DLNA streaming?



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RE: Can you stream using the new Sky Hub?

The new Sky routers are a waste of space, here is just one of the many damming reviews out there. http://www.trustedreviews.com/sky-hub-2013_Peripheral_review

Avoid if at all possible.


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