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Streaming solutions

Hi all,

I am in the process of trying to sort out a NAS drive. I have a squeezebox touch, squeezebox radio. I do also have an airport express and a spare iPhone and was hoping to get some opinions about the best options. Both airport or squeezebox would be running via optical to my Cambridge audio 740c or an avi neutron v 2.1 sub.

i upgraded from the airport to the squeezebox a while ago but have not found it that user friendly. Switching from the touch to the radio or trying to synchronise them seems a bit hit and miss and going from my squeezebox.com to my library often causes problems having to turn devices off and on or making spotify stop working. This is particularly a problem with the radio. I am thinking this is probably related to using it with my PC which I do not always have on so am switching between mysqueezebox.com and my computer. Would a nas being on all the time improve this? I have been thinking about getting a synology ds213j as it seems to be able to run the squeezebox server.

part of me is thinking about just going back to the airport/AirPlay route but am I right in thinking I would have to have my computer on to play from my music library.

Any opinions or ideas would be great. My main want is for things to be simple and work without too much of a headache as I am not hugely computer savy.