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Streaming solution help

Currently have a nait5i-2, naim cd5 and power supply running leema xeros or rega elas depending what mood i'm in.

Anyway, fancy a streaming solution as kids like spotify etc, so do I...

1. Sell the cd player and amp and get a uniqute and a nas drive.

2. Add somethink like a pioneer n50 or marantz pm7004 with nas drive and run this into my nait 5i-2.(I suppose this way i could add a naim streamer at a later date if funds allowed).

3. Something else??

I have a turntable and phono stage currently and still want to use this if possible.

It would be nice to have a headphone socket but not at the cost of losing significant sound quality.

Any help appreciated as dealers so far just point me to a £1900 naim or linn streamer and a £450 nas that is quite simply beyond my current budget.


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RE: Streaming solution help

Apple Airport Express (£79) into Naim Nait 5i-2 via 3.5mm to 2xRCA cable.  Then stream to it via iPhone, iPad, etc.  Alternative, is a Squeezebox Touch - although discontinued - gets very good reviews. 

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