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streaming player and connection advice

I am looking to replace my cd player (Arcam CD72)with a network player primarily to rip my old cd's,to utilise internet radio and for spotify/i tunes. My separates system (Arcam CD 72, Marantz PM 6004 Amp, Project Carbon turntable) and router is downstairs whilst my desktop is way away up stairs. I dont really want to have a wired connection between the network player and desktop, so other than wirelessly is there another option to connect to my desktop?. I have looked at the likes of the marantz na7004 and pioneer n50 as well as cocktail audio x10?. It would be an advantage due to space to have a hard drive combined the network player (ie cocktail audio) over purchasing a seperate NAS. Furthermore would any network player i mentioned be improved with the inclusion of a DAC?

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RE: streaming player and connection advice

>other than wirelessly is there another option to connect to my desktop?<

Homeplugs - use your mains wiring for the network.

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RE: streaming player and connection advice

Actually, there are multiple options:

- There's Home Plugs as already mentioned. If you've got a spare wall socket then these give you a wired Ethernet connection.

- Another variant is a Home Plug Wi-Fi extender. This is what I use. It allows you to locate a Wi-Fi access point as close as the nearest (spare) mains socket.

- There's USB memory stick. Depending on how much music you have and what compression level you are happy to accept, you might be able to fit all your music on a single 64GB device.

- There's USB connected hard drive. Not every streamer supports this option so check first.

- There's directly connected NAS drive - i.e. use a cross-over Ethernet cable to connect the drive directly to your streamer. There are a couple of disadvantages to this:

    (i) You'll have to use static IP addresses so there's a bit more faffing about.

    (ii) Your NAS won't be on a network so getting music on to it is more difficult. Mine has a sync via USB option that means it can suck the data off any USB stick that's plugged in.

    (iii) Your Streamer won't be on a network so it can't access other music sources and be remote controlled over the network.

Another thing to consider when using a direct connection is how noisy your NAS is. Do you want it in the same room that you do your listening in?

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