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Streaming advice needed


I  am looking to moving away from CDs and streaming my digital music.

Current system

audiolab 8000cdm and 8000Dac

systemdek 11x with a few upgrades such as a pro-ject speedbox2 se and and Dino phono stage

audiolab 8000C and 2x8000M  

proac studio 140 speakers.

From my limited understanding I was looking at adding a Marantz NA7004 or Pioneer N50 Streamer and the Audilab MDAC and selling on my current Audiolab Dac. The streamer fed by a NAS device. All hard wired up and controlled from my IPad.

is this all possible?

Also, if I want to stream content from say BBC iPlayer, what else do I need? The tvs would be in adjacent rooms.

I have a wireless network in the house, but our broadband comes courtesy of a 3 Network 3G dongle.

Can I stream iPlayer from my iPad or iPhone to a wifi dongle on the TV? If so how do I do this?  Or can/should this go through the streamer?


Thanks in advance!




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RE: Streaming advice needed

Also, I would like to stream Movies and pictures from my PS3 which is in another room, and a bit of a distance away.

Is this possible if I use mains borne wifi extenders?

Again as above what is the best route to take in terms of hardware and control?


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