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Sonos or Naim Unitiqute

I'm looking to add streaming functionality to my hi-fi and am considering a Sonos Connect, added to my existing set up. Or go up to the Naim Unitiqute.

It comes down to how superior sound quality of the Naim is over the Sonos. The sonos would be plugged into my old Technics SUA900 MKII amp and my speakers are Mission 752 Freedoms. My current cd playes is an Arcam Alpha 6 - but that's hardly used and wouldn't be part of the new setup.

If the quality difference of the naim/sonus was negligible (say 10%) then I'd opt for the sonos. But if the amp/dac/streamer in the Naim was to offer considerable gain - then I'd go for that and ditch the Technics altogether. The 752's will remain the speaker for both options.

Multiroom isn't really a big requirement.

At present my music library is all on a synology nas drive. And i've been getting that onto my hifi with a simple headphone cable from my smartphone to the hifi. 

Appreciate any comments or user experience that others can provide.



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Using their own onboard DACs,

Using their own onboard DACs, the Naim is superior by quite some margin, and will also allow you to stream and play material above 16/44, which the Sonos won't allow. You'll also be able to play music via USB from thumb drives and hard drives.

Both have excellent control apps too, so not much to choose from there.

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