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RE: Need advice buying a sound system on a budget

pjgibster wrote:



I've been doing some research into buying a new sound system for my living room but my mind is being boggled by all the options!

basically iv already decided im buyin a pair of passive alesis  mk2's for speakers(as i will need them in future for going some mixing) but i need a stereo amp and want one that can wirelessly stream music from a laptop, tablet and phone but also be connected to my tv for movies n stuff and a blue ray player.


I was looking into getting an AV receiver but as i want it primarily for music i thought this option would be better.


I don't wana go over £200 if possible but the cheaper the better as long as it sounds good.


Any ideas?




Yeah, the Av receiver option would work but probably won't sound as good as a stereo amp for music. If your going down the monitor route why not get some active monitors instead and do without the av amp for now. 


If you want a decent stereo amp look at Denon PMA720AE, Pioneer A30, Yamaha As-500, Nad C326BEE, Marantz PM6004, Rotel RA-10.

No idea about AV amps - I would go for Yamaha or Onkyo probably.

HiFi - Cambridge Audio 340C, Pioneer A30, Denon TU 260L, Dali Lektor 2. 

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