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novice question

Please forgive my ignorance in this area - I have only just got the internet at home so am from the dark ages! My experience of technology is work related and logging in to the internet from my work laptop data card at weekends. I want to add a network player to my hi-fi and am looking to buy a new system before Christmas. I want something that is up to date technology and will start using it initially with my iPod. I also wanted it primarily instead of a tuner - ideally for all of AM, FM, DAB (with functionality of DAB+ if it comes) and Internet Radio. It's for a second system which I'll listen to around 7 hours per day with primarily radio but occasional music (CDs, iPod and whatever else it can do). I have been looking at Rotel RT12, Musical Fidelity Clic, Marantz NA 7004, Sansui 201L and Cambridge Audio DAC Magic. I had thought of going for the all-in-one Naim Uniti Lite but I need to run 2 sets of speakers and it's not set-up for that. Any advice on choosing? Wi-fi capability would be a plus, but I cannot believe that you get the same quality from wireless as you do from a cable connection. Cambridge Audio seems to get so derided when you go into hifi shops but I got a CA separates system in the late 90s and I have to say like the sound through old Wharfdale Diamond 7.1s. If anything, I prefer it to the 2 demos I have heard of Marantz and Arcam which I found could tend towards mushy in character. Low volume performance is very important to me. With Internet Radio - does this literally mean I can get any radio station that broadcasts on line like I can by searching through Google on my laptop? If not, how do I know that I won't go to all this expense and end up not being able to listen to the stations I want. I am looking for pretty much all the stations you can get on DAB (BBC and commercial) plus I'd like to have access to a number of mainstream local commercial radio stations around the UK and Europe where I have family based. I guess from Google you can confidently assume that Montevideo's local commercial jazz station is available - is that the same with Internet radio? Sorry for my ignorance and long post. Any advice greatly appreciated.